Why being gay is more than a feeling

Homosexual preferences in members of the society are more than just a feeling such characters have that draws them to the same sex. It is more of an identity that gay people feel covers who they are and their choices. Being gay is a manifestation of the freedom to pick your lover. The fact that a person is gay cannot be simplified to being described as a feeling because feelings change based off moods but the decision to be gay is usually a very firm one. The act of being gay serves as a marker of identity as it is a reflection of a lifestyle choice.

Being gay cannot be explained by

Being gay cannot be explained by zeroing down on some gene and holding it responsible. Gayness is something that people grow into as they are being raised. Homosexuality is less about nature and more about nurture since it is learned. The kind of environment a person grows in heavily influences sexual orientation. People tend to conform to societal norms in an effort to fit in the larger community. This means in a community that has a large heterosexual community you are likely to find fewer gay members. How accepting the society is of homosexual tendencies determines how many gay members will be present.

Why being gay is more than a feeling

The entertainment sectors plays a pivotal role in crafting lifestyle preferences of people. By introducing gay characters who are prominent entertainers, has led to an increase in popularity of the lifestyle. When young kids are introduced to gay characters in their earlier days in their cartoon programs, such kids tend to be conditioned to be more accepting of gay people. Ultimately, the glamorous appeal of the entertainment sector tends to draw in individuals who are not sure of their sexuality into becoming gay. The entertainment sector has been a popular avenue for the gay community in the effort to get their identity recognized.

Gay people do not regard their homosexual preferences as feelings that will leave. Homosexuals consider it as a more permanent affair since the radical choice they made serves as proof of their freedom to chose whom to love irrespective of societal norms. You can see this rebellious streak in gay characters from their mannerisms. Some opt for colorful and flashy clothes as a reflection of their sexual orientation. Cross-dressers are more daring in their fashion sense since they chose to wear clothes that reflect how one feels on the inside often ending up dressed as the other gender.

When you consider how passionate gay individuals are about their quest for autonomy and their right to love whoever they wish, it goes to show how dedicated they are to the cause. The formation of the LBGTQ community and the activism activities tied to it shows that there is more to homosexuality than labelling it a deviant feeling. This group is vibrant in planning parades and tends to be vocal when one of their own is victimized. The homosexuality issue needs to be looked as something bigger than a flimsy feeling that can be wished away, it is a firm testimony of choice in sexual preference.