Ways to Spot Players in A Relationship

Sometimes cannot control our thoughts and find ourselves thinking about other people in a sexual oriented manner. You might find yourself doing so without knowing that it is happening, but there are some tips that will make someone know when this is happening. There are some behaviors that show that he or her is interested sexually and is not willing to have a lasting relationship with you. Some tactics can be used to notice this earlier before you regret being used to satisfy sexual desires.

The easiest way is when he

The easiest way is when he always compliments on how you look physically for instance, how your booty looks on a certain dress or trouser or the way they love your boobs. Such kind of compliments about your body are a clear sign that they are interested with your body sexually. You can say that people who are interested in having a relationship might think the same way, but that is not the case. A person who is interested to have a long-lasting relationship would want to know how the day has been and what happened throughout that day. That behavior draws a clear line to stay away from such a person.

Ladies are also attracted to men

Ladies are also attracted to men and have their way of showing their affections towards them. Women tend to express their emotions through body contact as well as their posture. When a lady likes you, she might show it through the way she looks as well as how she talks to you. If the man steps in the room, her attention is quickly drifted towards him as you can easily know that from her body language. In case you are next to each other, you might notice that her position will be inclined towards your direction as her motive is to get close to you as much as she possibly can.

Ways to Spot Players in A Relationship

Another obvious scenario is that most conversations normally turn sexual and flirty. Phone calls, emails, text messages or any other form of communication with them will in most cases end up with sexual comments like taking a shower together, having sex in the kitchen as well as asking what you are wearing and making a discussion about it. These are signs that he is only interested with you as his “booty call” but nothing serious afterwards. To counter such behaviors, do not reply to such texts or comments and channel that dialogue in a different direction.

As time goes by, he may start suggesting if he can come over for dinner while you watch a movie or listen to cool songs. This might be also a red flag depending on his past interactions with you. If he has made efforts towards taking you out on a date in public like restaurants or just walking in the park, there is a possibility that the man wants a relationship. Men looking for a one-night stand are not willing to invest time towards knowing a lady, so looking for an easier route like getting pizza at your place suits their needs. If the lady is not careful, this trick is guaranteed to get you in bed just after the movie is done. To curb this, do not allow it and instead convince him to have dinner in a restaurant or any other activity that can be done outside your place.

During intercourse, it is normally logical for the two of you to have a foreplay before finally resulting into having sex. Caressing, hugging and touching everywhere makes the feeling of love making worthwhile as it ensures that both of you enjoy the moment before sex. Unfortunately, this is not the case if sex what the only priority in mind as he will directly rush into sex to fulfill his desires without caring about yours. After sex, he can suggest that due to various issues at hand that he wants to leave since the desires have been quenched. Develop a means to tell him to slow down during the foreplay for you to catch up and let him know that you require a person who you can share a connection with. Relationships are never a guarantee though we can forge ways to get the right partner to whom we can enjoy moments with.