Emotional Triggers: Its Definition

Feelings and emotions are the most important part of the life of an individual that cannot be forgotten. Every incident that takes place in the life of an organism creates a memory of that incident in the mind. This memory produced the feeling along with the emotion for that incident. Suppose, you had lived alone at your home for several days that creates a fear of loneliness in your heart, so when you recall that incident of your childhood, then you also feel those sentiments. This is called an emotional trigger, and emotions can have numerous types like happiness, sadness, scariness, loneliness, jealousy, anger, including embarrassment.

The thoughts of an individual are

The thoughts of an individual are responsible for triggering an emotion by which that person can understand the reaction of others. Suppose, your friend is talking about the pain in his hand, so you remember the same pain that occurs in your hand after slipping. You get connected to that pain by remembering your incident because you get the feelings. This is known as an emotional trigger that doesn’t occur if you have not experienced the same pain. The thoughts of 2 organisms are responsible for their different reactions in a common situation. If two organisms visit their friend’s house who is having a cute dog, they can react differently according to their different sentiments.

It means that either they can

It means that either they can be scared or they get friendly with that dog and either 1 organism gets scared while other gets friendly with that dog. Emotions are triggered according to the situation like when a creature faces a difficult condition then he gets feared due to an emotional trigger. Suppose, you are having your exam in two days, but you haven’t prepared anything, so an emotion of fear developed, and you try to quit this exam. An emotional trigger occurs randomly, and you can’t predict its occurrence that at what time you feel sad, happy or scared. If the bike of a person that he likes a lot, is damaged that, it cannot be repaired, then that person starts feeling sad.

Emotional Triggers: Its Definition

Some emotions create confusion for an organism as he is unable to know what emotion he is feeling. This condition arises when an emotion works differently in two conditions like in front of a lion, organisms get afraid. But, when they have to give a presentation in front of their colleagues, then these organisms get afraid. These emotions act differently that’s why the emotional triggers causes confusion. Emotional triggers help a person to give an accurate reaction in a situation like if an organism is sad then that organism can understand the thoughts of other people that are also facing pain and can sort out the problem.

Triggers are a response to a particular condition or a thing like colors, smell of food, precious gifts including places. All these things produce the feeling in the heart of people as they are associated with a memory. These emotional triggers decide the behavior of a creature towards the other creature who is feeling pain, fear or anger. Its example can be a creature who cannot understand a reason behind the aggressive behavior of his friend, but that creature can easily understand the feelings of that friend who is crying. The main reason behind an emotional trigger is the memories in which each memory triggers a unique emotion.

Suppose, you are having a memory of your childhood when you ate mangoes from your neighborhood house by stealing them. When you recall this thing, your eagerness to eat those mangoes rises. The examples of several experiences that cause diverse emotional triggers are the rejection of your proposal, loss of your friend, loss of your career opportunity, loss of independence along with loneliness. Emotional triggers can be identified as they have an ability to affect numerous parts of a human body. Some triggers increase the heartbeat while experiencing fear or nervousness.

Anxiety causes headache that affects the thinking ability of a brain, so baldness can be originated. It leads to the formation of sweat in the palms that indicates towards anxiety. Emotional triggers have to be controlled as they can be used by your competitors as weaknesses. These triggers can be controlled by exercises because when they get controlled, the success ladder gets opened.