Controlling Your Feelings For Someone

Feelings for someone you love are always crazy because it’ll be difficult to think straight whenever they’re around. It’s embarrassing due to the weird drama you’ll act before them and others, so learning to control your emotions is important. When they stay around throughout the day, you’ll end up having a bad day due to constant shyness, as eye contact is made, or you even have to walk past them while working. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, know that it’s a normal feeling, and that’s what makes you human, but this feeling can be controlled.

The basic thing to be done

The basic thing to be done is to know where the feeling is coming from, alongside the person. Trying to define your feeling is important, as it will reveal your true emotions for distinguishing love from lust. If lust is identified, it’s advisable to kill that emotion because nothing good will be benefited from your fantasy. When there’s a mutual feeling of love noticed, you’re free to keep the positive feeling to grow. Allow yourself to feel love for that person, as it’s a natural thing among human beings, and it’s inevitable to ignore such things from happening. All you can do is curtail how vulnerable you feel when dealing with them to avoid embarrassing moments.

Controlling Your Feelings For Someone

Taking deep breaths is used to avoid a fast heartbeat whenever you’re around that person. Breathe fine by inhaling and exhaling, as it will help you control your actions. The breathing method is effective, as it can calm you down despite the level of nervousness in your body. Reduce the time spent thinking about your crush, as you’ll spend the day fantasizing about someone who is carrying out their daily activity without interruption. A few minutes is enough to think about them, and this will help you focus on other things alongside preventing the vulnerable one from getting obsessed.

Get things that will act as a distraction to divert your mind from thinking about your feelings for your crush. The right distraction will do the trick and make your mind feel lighter, making it possible to have control over certain feelings. Whenever the thought of your crush surfaces, think of a previous lifestyle, events that happened with details, or an enjoyable vacation. With that, it will divert your mind to other areas you never knew existed alongside preventing your feelings from getting stronger.

Individuals have their weaknesses, so if there’s a trustworthy friend that can help, open up to them without pride. They might have a solution that’ll help control your feelings, and the talking helps ease away some burden from your chest. This issue could be discussed with family members or professionals that will not take advantage of your problem. Always be yourself, and don’t try to leave your comfort zone to please another person despite your feelings towards them. Confess your feelings without fear of rejection, as it will help your mental state. If they are not interested in returning the same energy, accept your date and move on.